Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

by suzyparkerdesign

Let’s talk signage.

Some thoughts, ideas, and musings on in-store signage.

  • Have your sale signs, event signs, return policy, etc., printed by a professional.  Anything that you put up in your store helps to define your brand.  If you want to be viewed as a professional business, your store needs to reflect that.
  • If your signs are going to be handmade, they should be typed up and printed.
  • No neon.  You do not need neon paper to get the attention of customers.  Well placed signs with a bold and simple font should do the trick.
  • Leave the scrapbook supplies at home (unless, of course, you own a scrapbook specialty shop).  Do away with cutesy borders, patterned paper, unnecessary embellishments on your store signage.  Sale signs, directional signs, etc., should not distract from your lovely merchandise.  (Ok…I DO use stamps…a lot…only letters and numbers though…no snowmen, daisies, or horses).
  • Get a paper cutter.  Use your paper cutter.
  • Pick a font and be consistent.  Again, this goes back to branding.  Try to find a clean font that fits your store.  You don’t want one that’s difficult to read or too flowery.  Use this font in your advertising, on your business cards, on your in-store signage, etc.
  • Proofread everything.  Proofread it again.  Then have someone else proof it.  And maybe someone else, too.  I can’t say it enough.  Grammatical errors have no place in a business.  If you are unsure where to put an apostrophe, Google it.  Maybe even Google it some more.  If you really struggle with spelling and grammar, keep a notebook with your findings.  This way, you’ll have a quick reference guide for the next time you are making a sign.  Some common errors I’ve seen…Womens Clothing.  Womans’ Clothing.  Childrens’ Clothing.  Kid’s Clothing.

There are many more things I could add to this list, but alas, that is all for today!  Feel free to comment other suggestions/tips/pet-peeves on this wonderful topic!

(In case you’re wondering:  Women’s Clothing.  Children’s Clothing.  Kids’ Clothing.)